What is Chiropractic?


Is this what chiropractic is? What are we doing to change that perception?
Is this what chiropractic is?


Google “chiropractic is.” I dare youThe results aren’t pretty.

The good news is that it can be better. Much better. But only with a focused effort to change the public conversation and flood the market with what chiropractic truly is.

chiropractic is… was born as a result of seeking the answer to the question above and a deep personal commitment to share that message with the profession and public.

For far too long the chiropractic profession has allowed others to define us instead of clearly and authoritatively stating who and what we are. At the same time, we’ve relied heavily on dated, unattractive, unproductive and out of touch chiropractic patient education products and marketing ideas.


chiropractic is… communicates with the public through completely personalized and customizable chiropractic websites, video/audio, chiropractic brochures and posters that shift the public perception and reframe the conversation around our values and value.

Chiropractic has always contained a simple message. One that can be as profound as a simple principle or as in-depth as the most lengthy scientific dissertation. However, the end product, optimal expression of life, is not dependent upon the message alone.  It is dependent upon the ability of that message to be understood and compelling enough for the individual to not only try chiropractic, but to utilize it for a lifetime as we all do.

Not all will. Not everyone values what we value. That is evident by the choices people make all around us.

But many more would make that choice if they only knew it were available to them.

My hopes are this office educational system and products will assist you in communicating the message effectively and increase our collective impact on the global health and well-being of society.

All my best,

Steve Tullius, D.C., ACP

Steve Tullius